The Marketing System That Compels Your Clients To Demand Your Services At Premium Prices - Part 2

One of the biggest mistakes I see happening in the marketing approach of most professional service firms today is that many people and firms try to demonstrate their expertise using content marketing by posting a lot of information.


And I see marketing consultants telling everyone they need to be posting content.


Typically, it’s good information.


And it’s a much better approach than the old standard of just promoting services, credentials, expertise and clients you’ve worked with.


That self-promotion, or “look at me” style is a big turn off.

But creating new content every week or every day (or more often) is incredibly hard to maintain. And so many people are doing it without really achieving any results in terms of increased client enquiries.

The main issue is that information doesn’t convert prospects into clients.

What I had read in Rich Schefren's report wasn't just information.

And information is typically what we get in free reports and social media posts. After all, if we do download them or read them, that's what we are looking for isn't it?

Sure, we are looking for information that helps us solve a problem.

But information doesn't sell.

I see a lot of people who post good information. There's a tonne of it

on LinkedIn. There's more than we can consume on Google.

We can find enough information.

But Rich's report wasn't just information. It was a transformation.

The report didn't just inform me, it transformed me. I was a different person after I had read the report. I had different beliefs and different responses. I would never think the same way again. My old beliefs and opinions had been replaced. I was transformed.

There was something going on in this report that I had to find out.

When I discovered what it was, and started to use it in my own marketing, it changed my results and I never looked back.

People started to come to me wanting my services instead of me having to try to find them and sell them. It was brilliant.

But first, I promised to tell you how I discovered how to do marketing that compels clients to demand your services.

The biggest secret is that your marketing needs to demonstrate that you understand your ideal client's challenges and situation.

 You need to make them feel understood.

Exactly like Rich Schefren did.

This type of marketing is obviously not about self-promotion. I hope you understand that already.

The critical thing to make this work, is that you have to know exactly who your ideal client is. It's no good to say that you deal with "anybody who ....."

You need to be very specific about who you deal with. You have to narrow your options to focus on the perfect client.

If you don't do this, you can't communicate with the level of understanding and intimacy that cuts through the noise like Rich Schefren did.

When you try to include everyone, your message must be watered down to be all inclusive.


That’s why most professional service firms’ websites are so insipid.


They’re too generic and all encompassing to have any real relevance to their market.

When you focus on a single target market, you can be very specific about their problems and challenges and even speak in their language, using the acronyms, nuances and jargon, even the slang that they use.

That doesn't mean that you have to target a single industry or age group or cultural profile. It's more about identifying the profile of the person or organization that experiences the types of problems you have the best solution for.

Once you know who you are talking to in your marketing, you can show that you understand them by describing their major challenge in specific detail and also highlight how this challenge impacts their lives.

It's about explaining the root cause of their challenge when all they see is the symptoms.

When you can diagnose their problems and show them the root cause, just like a doctor does, you not only demonstrate your understanding, but you demonstrate your authority on the subject as well.

You look like a hero in their eyes. And you stand out from all your competitors because no one else is showing them what you’re showing them. They are all just promoting themselves and their services.

When I implemented the three critical ingredients I discovered from Rich Schefren that enabled me to transform the thinking of my clients, they came to me wanting to sign up for my services, while my price didn't even matter.

Let’s talk about those three critical ingredients…..