The Strategic Authority System to Attract More Premium Clients

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Most owners of consultancy practices build a business to the point where they need to go beyond relying on referrals and networking to get more sales.

Download the ebook and video training now to discover how to avoid the common mistakes professionals make with marketing that leads to wasted time, money and effort from marketing tactics that don't work.

In This Ebook and Video Training You Will Learn

  • Why trying to promote and sell high value services in the traditional way doesn't work
  • How to attract your ideal clients consistently and predictably
  • How to position your firm as the authority so that clients ask you to help them more
  • How to consistently attract premium clients who want your highest value services.

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Suzanne Glendenning : Quantum Results Coaching

"If your have the opportunity to learn from Greg, I highly recommend it."


Shelley Thomson: Experience 360

I've been able to redefine my approach to attracting new clients. I’m constantly surprised now that the potential clients are driving the progress prior to working together, rather than the other way around.

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