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Strategic Authority Marketing:

How To Attract Premium Clients Consistently and

Predictably With Less Personal Effort and Expense

Wednesday December 7 at 10:00am AEDT

For owners of professional service firms, learn how to stop being regarded as a commodity and how to be seen as the authority in your field.

This web event for owners of professional service firms will show you how to establish a system to be seen as the authority in your area so that you can attract and convert new premium clients consistently and predictably.

Being seen as the authority doesn't require you to write a book or be a published author. It doesn't require you to be famous or have a celebrity status. In fact, it should take less of your personal time and effort to use a system like this than you might be spending on networking or ineffectively posting on social media.

What I reveal in this web event can be achieved by anyone who wants to grow their consulting, coaching or advisory business and have a predictable and consistent way to gain new clients, without having to do more networking or waiting for more referrals.

Learning the system I will reveal to you in this web event could dramatically improve your sales results in the same way that enabled me to start, grow and sell three consultancy firms in the past 25 years and has enabled my clients to double their sales results within 12 months without adding to their underlying costs.

The event will be highly interactive and attendance will be capped at 15 people to allow for personal feedback and for your questions to be answered personally by the host.

In this 60 minute training we will cover:

  • The Challenge: How to make client acquisition and revenue growth consistent and predictable?

  • The problems most professional service businesses encounter with client acquisition

  • How to use strategic authority to build trust, credibility and demand with your market

  • How to build a strategic authority attraction marketing system that can help multiply sales and profits within 12 months

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"With Greg’s help, what I’ve been able to do is redefine my approach to attracting new clients.

I’m constantly surprised now that the
potential clients are driving the progress prior to working together, rather than the other way around".