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Use this Strategic Authority Marketing System Template to Build Your Own System to Attract More Premium Clients Consistently and Predictably!

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What you will learn on the training:

The 5 critical mistakes 85% of professional service firms make when trying to attract new clients

Why the typical marketing approach is just like gambling for most consultants, accountants, coaches and trainers

How I experienced the same frustration as most owners of professional service firms when it comes to wasting money and effort on marketing activities

Why typical marketing consultants don’t understand marketing for professional services

The reason clients treat you more like a servant than a trusted advisor

The details in each step of the three phase Strategic Authority Marketing System

Why your website fails to attract your ideal clients

Why offering a wide range of services is detrimental to business growth

The trap that limits development of long term profitable relationships with ideal clients and how to avoid it

How the typical process of offering and conducting initial meetings leaves you competing on price and having to sharpen your pencil far too often

How to influence the buying process of your ideal clients so you are seen as the authority with the perfect solution for them.


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Suzanne Glendenning

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